The field of Bayesian statistics has recently gained significant popularity, however, it is currently not implemented in most regular statistics classes. We thus believe that training in this topic would greatly benefit Early Careeer Researchers and have organised a two-day workshop to provide a comprehensive and in depth learning experience:

Day ONE: A symposium discussion including guest speakers who are leading experts in the fields of statistical analysis of clinical trials and Bayesian statistics.

Day TWO: An introduction to Bayesian modeling that includes short lectures and hands-on coding exercises led by Dr. Richard Morey (School of Psychology) and with peer support. This part is exclusively for PhD students! Only a limited number of places are currently avilable and you need to be affiliated with either of the following schools: Cardiff University School of Psychology, Medicine or Biosciences. Please NOTE that some preparation for Day TWO will be required (see registration details)! 

– David Mehler and Ana Silva (Organisers)